Auckland – more than just a stopover!

Are you travelling to Auckland and have only booked a one night stay? You should rethink your itinerary and extend your stay in Auckland, as it has so much to offer and you will soon realise one night is not long enough to see this beautiful city. Below is a couple of...

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World of Wearable Arts turns 30

World of Wearable Arts celebrates their 30th Anniversary this weekend! The event originated in the coastal town of Nelson. It was a small competition for the local artists showcasing renowned and wearable art.  The event is now internationally recognised and has now...

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Melbourne is looking forward to Spring

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! We say goodbye to the final last days of winter and prepare ourselves for warmer and longer days. Which means, more time for touring and exploring (yay)! Also, you will start to see some local events popping up over the country, if you...

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Shopping in Melbourne

Have a full day of leisure? Why not do some shopping around Melbourne, The fashion capital of Australia. If you’re looking for a retro or vintage shop to an upscale boutique fashion designer, you’ll find it all in this city. Here are a couple of places we recommend:...

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Riding the Wave – The Bob Wood Group

Riding the Wave – The Bob Wood Group   It’s an exciting time to be at the sharp end of a dynamic and growing tourism industry and one of the sector’s major players has reshaped itself to ensure they continue to lead from the front. Bob Wood Cruise Group, Global...

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A winter’s day self-drive from the Gold Coast

The skies are clear, and the weather is a top of 20°. The water is just that little bit too cold for a swim and you’ve seen your fair share of the gold sandy beaches. Why not change things up and go for a scenic drive? Winter is perfect weather for a drive through the...

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