Tailor Made / Custom

With a desire to touch and leave every guest captivated by Australia we specialise in tailor making itineraries taking into account the guests passion, interests and reason for travel. Our itineraries include authentic experiences and encounters with colourful Australian characters. We design our journeys to have purpose and meaning.

Our knowledge of each region in Australia and how best to travel between each is vital when putting bespoke itineraries together. Our entire team travels throughout the various regions of the country and are continuously meeting with new and existing suppliers. We draw on our combined knowledge to create unique one-off experiences.

Talk to us further about the diverse journeys we have previously arranged for our guests. Our extensive network of contacts around Australia continues to evolve so we are perfectly qualified to design a bespoke experience of Australia specifically catered to your guests’ requirements.


With over 20 years in developing and delivering unique itineraries for many nationalities and strong supplier relationships throughout the whole of Australia, Global Tour Specialists continues to create authentic travel experiences that reflect the current trends in the world tourism marketplace.

Understanding that Australia is a vast country with so many fantastic options we have designed a few hand-crafted packages to assist you and your guests in the decision process. A Global Tour Specialists package reflects a dedication to the international traveller and includes hand picked accommodation choices, unique touring and local food experiences.

Our packages have an emphasis on all things “local”; interacting with locals, eating local and experiencing a destination as a local very much enhances the travel experience. We understand that guests still want to see the Australian iconic features but we do it in a way that gets them off the beaten track and leaves them with an everlasting special experience that often becomes the talking point of many a dinner party.

Our packages are unique, interesting, extremely marketable and ready to sell.

Special Events / Festivals

Global Tour Specialists is proud in its ability provide a professional standard of travel logistics for sporting associations, companies specialising in events, unique festivals, supporters and sports people in general. Our packages are customised, fully inclusive, high quality, reliable and offer value for money for individuals and groups of any size.

With over 15 years in the sports travel industry including the facilitation of many marathon movements, Global Tour Specialists has built invaluable relationships with major airlines, hotel groups and tour operators allowing us to offer our guests competitive tour costs and a complete understanding of the intricacies of sports and group logistics.

We also look to combine packages with unique local events and festivals such as Sydney Vivid, Uluru Field of Lights, Bondi Sculptures by the Sea and the Gold Coasts Swell Festival to name just a few.

Customer satisfaction and personalised services combined with flexible terms and conditions ensure enjoyable and trouble free travel throughout Australia.


Wikipedia defines a tour guide as ‘An individual who provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organised tours’. We believe a guide is so much more than this, so much so that we have a sister company totally dedicated to hand picking the guide to match the guest for their Australian adventure.

Guides Australia prides itself on perfect matches. Their comprehensive guide database ensures that they can choose the best guide to suit your guest’s needs. Whether that is for an active day tour, an in depth location history or a foreign speaking guide GA will source the right guide for your guests to deliver specialised and professional quality services.

Our guides understand that they are often the deciding factor in making a holiday exceptional and go above and beyond the cause. Why? Because they care about the people they meet and want to leave a lasting impression on the guest who is travelling in a country they are passionate about.

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

With more people thinking about travelling to exotic Papua New Guinea it is a great time to visit this region and experience one of the last wild frontiers. Global Tour Specialists has been working in Papua New Guinea for many years and has first hand knowledge of the best, safest and easiest areas to travel to.

Whether it is immersing yourself in the tropical waters of Tufi, a cultural experience along the Sepik River, walking the Kokoda track or exploring the volcanic coastal town of Rabaul, Global Tour Specialists has a selection of tours to fit every need and desire.

And if you’re really looking to maximize your time in the region think about linking a trip to Papua New Guinea with one of our Australian customised itineraries to give you the ultimate taste of the South Pacific.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of many contrasts. Two distinct islands with so much to offer. From Auckland’s spectacular harbour, to Rotorua’s geothermal nirvana, across to the rugged beauty of the Franz Joesf, Fox Glacier and the complete serenity of Milford Sound. This picturesque destination will embrace you with its friendly down to earth people , wonderful seasonal produce and Kiwi uniqueness which is typically New Zealand. Let the country’s natural splendour and pristine environment reveal itself everywhere you look.

Experience the magic of New Zealand – a destination which, although you may leave never leaves you.

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