Rainforest Dreaming in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most ancient, magical and untouched rainforests in the world.  You can travel to any of the states and experience the mystical beauty that they encompass. The northern state of Queensland is home to World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics...

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Australian Summers – Beach & Surf Safety

Tis the season to be jolly and with Christmas and the Chinese New Year just around the corner we felt it time to ask you to remind your clients that, if they intend on visiting any beach in Australia, that they play it safe and follow a few simple rules. Last year,...

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How did you see the moon this week ?

On Monday 14th November I met my husband and we went down to our local beach, Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. We try and make sure we have a walk each day and if you are unable on a Monday morning to acheive this ( yes hard work on a Monday morning)  then you must...

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Welcome to our new website! I thought it would be appropriate to kick off our fresh new look with some fresh flowers and I don’t think you can get any better than these Central Australian desert beauties. I’m very lucky to have recently visited Alice Springs and...

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Visit the wonderful Swell Sculpture Festival and see over 50 sculptures by various artists from all over the world. This is a free exhibition and open all throughout the day. Apart from enjoying an array of displays, sculptures and exhibits, you can also enjoy a wide...

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The great divide between Australian holiday dreams and reality

WHERE we want to go for holidays is proving to be quite different from where we end up spending precious time off. Data analysis undertaken by travel websites and have revealed a considerable divide between Australians’ aspirational...

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