Heard of the Milford Sound? You have then brilliant, you know. Your haven’t? Read on….

The Majestic Milford Sound

The Milford Sound in New Zealand has been likened to being the equivalent of what Uluru (Ayers Rock) is to Australia.  All the reasons that inspire international folk to make the long journey from all corners of the world are concentrated in this out-of-the-way, pristine corner of Fiordland, a region in the island’s south-west corner. Gorgeous vistas, well-marked trails and serene cruises, combined with the crystal clear waters and the temperate rainforests that hug steep mountains make it a wonderful place to spend some time in.

Be assured it’s a killer place (that’s great in our language) to go to and if you’re thinking about a trip to NZ then the Milford Sound is a must. Most people head there in the peak months of January and February so be warned – it gets busy. December and March-April are also good options for fair weather and generally fewer people. Walkers should note that while the Milford Track is unregulated from May to mid-October and there’s a risk of avalanche as well as deep snow on the path.

Scenic Cruise on the Milford Sound

The nearest major airport is Queenstown which sees many daily flights from Auckland and Australia. Christchurch and Wellington as also good options if you’re thinking of getting in a few other destinations on the way there.

Global Tour Specialists has much experience in getting both FITs and groups into the area using the best operators knowing the best times hopefully avoiding crowds that come to see the majestic Milford. Talk to us today. We would love to help.

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