web-ready-cloudy-moon-shot-14-novemberOn Monday 14th November I met my husband and we went down to our local beach, Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. We try and make sure we have a walk each day and if you are unable on a Monday morning to acheive this ( yes hard work on a Monday morning)  then you must follow through in the evening.

Normally there are plenty of  car spaces, but this last Monday it was completely full? and there were people all lined along and on the beach.  So everyone had come out for the moons debut, well not really a debut but they had come to see this spectacle that had last happened in 26 January 1948. The atmosphere on the beach was magical, kids were playing and swimming, some people had bought down dinner and a few drinks, there were professional photographers and aspiring ones as well. It was lively and wonderful that so many people had come out to be witnesses on this cloudy evening with the Supermoon.


So the next Supermoon will not be here until 25 November 2034 – where will you be watching it ?

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