At the moment there is a worldwide craze on the boutique breweries, although in reality boutique breweries have been happening since the beginning of time .

As we travelled through the Canadian Rockies there was an absolute standout brewery called the Grizzly Paw Brewery. The inspiration for the brewery came from a trip to the Rocks in Sydney and the brew/pubs set up on the old granite rock piles of Sydney’s inner harbour.

It is situated in the cute little town of Canmore.Rockies - Three Sisters - Canmore Scenery (2)

A visit to the Grizzly Paw is not just about beer. First off the brewery is housed in a stunning building that is full of windows and light and takes in all the surrounds of the mountains. The brewing and bottling is happening all around as you walk through  the state of the art brewing facilities. What I really enjoyed was the guide and his commentary. He gave us a tour with detail and humor,   as we toured through we had stops at beer and soda taps for a tasting, so even if you don’t drink beer you can taste a boutique soda ( the soda has a 1/3 rd less sugar than regular ones and no caffeine!). The staff are all dressed in cool branded Grizzly Paw workwear and are involved in some of the beer naming s, Pounderhound Pilsner, Grumpy Beer Honey Wheat and Rutting Elk Red just to name a few.

The secret ingredient is the glacier fed water.

Our tours for 2016 have stops at the Grizzly Paw so you can taste and enjoy a soda or beer and take in the scenery of Canmore

At the end of the tour you can wander down the main street of Canmore to the Grizzly Paw Restaurant and pair up some beer or soda with some authentic Canadian Cuisine

Grizzly Paw Brewery


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