The Outback in Australia holds some surprising world records.  For example did you know…

  • The longest stretch of a straight railway track = (487 km) and crosses from South Australia into Western Australia. It is part of the transcontinental railway line from Sydney to Perth. South of the railway you’ll also find the longest stretch of straight bitumen (paved) road = 146.6 kms without a bend.
  • A 5531 km dingo fence runs from South Australia through New South Wales to Queensland and is the world’s longest fence.
  • Anna Creek station near William Creek is the largest cattle station in the world, it’s about the size of Belgium.
  • Outback Australia also has the biggest class rooms in the world.  Children are taught through radio communication on the isolated stations and in small bush towns.
  • The Northern Territory covers about one sixth of the Australian continent with an area of 1.35 million km2 which is equal to the combined areas of France, Spain and Italy.
  • Tourism is one of the Northern Territory’s fastest-growing industries, In recent years, visitor figures have increased by an average of eight per cent a year with the annual growth rate for overseas visitors at about 20 percent.

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